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Frequently Asked Questions

Coding is a great skill which lets you interact with computers as well as humans, so start learning with us as we keep all simple and easy explanations under one home.

  • What is programming and how does it helps ?

    Programming is solving well defined problems by writing computer understandable codes, which lets you create and explore the world.

  • Learning programming is not a peice of cake. You need to practice it daily and constantly, along with that you need test your knowledge by writing your own code. Don't worry its very easy. Just go to begginer section in our website and start learning today.

  • Just visit our site and start exploring our very updated and easy to understand content. And enjoy learning a great skill today.

  • If you feel difficulty in understanding just by reading, no worries. We have solution for you guys also. Just visit our YouTube channel "SelfCode.in" and learn by seeing video explantion of each code.

  • Placement ready content is fully updated to our platform, Just visit to "Placement Preparations" section in order to access placements ready questions.