Neural Hack Previous Year Questions

Fri, 07 Aug, 2020

Neural Hack Previous Year questions

1. Messy Folder

Task: Given a folder containing files with the following formats – csv, txt, mp3. Write a
script to make three folders named as “mp3”, “csv” and “txt” respectively and move all
the files to their respective folders, i.e. all .csv files in csv folder, .mp3 files in mp3 folder
and .txt files in txt folder.
Hint: No hint. Very simple program [10]

2. The Google Bot

Task: Make a bot which asks the user to search something in the console/terminal and
opens the first link from Google’s “Search Results” page in the browser.
Hint: Selenium [50]

3. Neural DJ

Task: Take input of two songs name stored in local system and combine both the songs
with the first part as the first half of song 1 and second part as second half of song 2.
Hint: numpy [100]

4. Silent Killer

Task: Write a script to implement a Keylogger which runs in the background without the
user knowing it. The Keylogger records every keypress from the keyboard and stores
them in a file “log.txt” .
Hint: pyHook [100]

5. The Movie Bot

Task: Extract movie info of first 2 pages of the year 2016 from IMDB from the given link:,desc&page=1&r
Store the info in a csv file with attributes given as : Title, Genre, Rating.Example :
Logan, Action, 9.8
La La Land. Romance, 9.7 [200]

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