Tcs Codevita Mock Test Exam Pattern

Mon, 29 Jun, 2020

CS Codevita mock test exam pattern are into three rounds.

1) The Pre- Qualifier Round:


 Starts: 9th Aug, 2020, 09:30 UTC

 Ends: 30th Aug, 2020, 09:30 UTC

 Takes Place Online

In this round, there will be a 24 hours contest. Each participant is provided with 6 hours of time to solve the questions. Pre-Qualifier round is conducted in India as well as the rest of the world separately. In this season there will be two zonal rounds in India for Pre-Qualifier. A participant will be tagged to one of the two zonal rounds and you can choose any of the 6 hours to start your challenge.
TCS codevita questions are from C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby


2) The Qualifier Round:

 Starts: 7th Nov, 2020, 09:30 UTC

 Ends: 8th Nov, 2020, 09:30 UTC

 Takes Place Online

The Qualifier Round (Round 2) of TCS Codevita would happen after the completion of all the Pre-Qualifier rounds across the world. Top performers from the zonal rounds globally will move into this round. Each participant will be provided with 6 hours of time to solve & complete this round.


3) Grand Finale:

 Starts: 17th Feb, 2021, 03:30 UTC

 Ends: 17th Feb, 2021, 12:30 UTC

 Takes Place At the Venue

The final round of TCS Codevita will be held in one of the TCS office in India. Top 3 contestants will be declared as winners of the contest. The grand finale of TCS Codevita is tentatively scheduled to be conducted in the last week of February 2021.


  • Basic programs like prime factorization, LCM & HCF, Fibonacci series, matrix rotation, pattern printing, and strings.
  • Advanced problems on Binary Search Tree, Sorting, DFS, BFS, problems on dynamic programming etc



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There are three rounds in TCS codevita contest. They are

  • Pre – Qualifier Zonal round
  • Qualifier round 
  • Grand Finale


TCS Codevita registration Starting Date: 17th March 2020

TCS Codevita registration Ending Date: 5th July 2020.

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