Setting Up And Getting Started In Java Programming

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Set up Java

To set up the Java platform on your computer, you need to download the developer kit, then set up whatever development environment you plan on using. You can also do this in one step by downloading the JDK that comes bundled with the NetBeans IDE.

Step 1: Download the JDK

Once you've installed the JDK download on your computer, set up should be complete. You may, however, want to set the classpath as an environment variable. See the installation notes for directions on how to do that for your operating system.

If you want to develop web applications, you need to use either the NetBeans IDE , Sun Java Studio Creator IDE, or Sun Java Studio Enterprise in addition to the JDK, as these environments provide a web server that's necessary for creating and testing servlets, JavaServer Pages, and database connections.

See Getting Started with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) if you're unsure which IDE would best suit your development needs.

Step 2: Set Up a Development Environment

If you downloaded the JDK with the NetBeans IDE, start NetBeans, and begin programming.

You can also program using a simple text editor, and compile and run from the command line. Many text editors now come with the ability to run and compile Java files, but you may need to tell the program where javac.exe and java.exe reside on your computer. Use the Windows Find command, if you are unsure where these files were installed. Once, your IDE or text editor is set up, you can begin programming.

Next, writre your programs, and invoke the compiler and interpreter either at the command line or within the IDE you're using.

When compiling and running from the command line, be sure to navigate into the directory where you saved your .java file.

Note : In order to execute your java program your JDK must be in your system path , you can check it just by typing java or javac in your terminal.

if you have JDK installed and is in your system path you will get somthing like.

You can also checking it by checking the version of java


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