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Ladder If-Else Statement In C++ With Example

Prashant | Tue, 11 Aug, 2020 | 100

Ladder if-else statement

When we have multiple conditions to check, we use this form of if-else.

In this program: We will check whether a entered character is valid alphabet or not?

1) Condition to check alphabet

(ch>='a'&& ch<='z') || (ch>='A' && ch<='Z')

Character is greater than or equal to 'a' (lowercase) and less than or equal to 'z' (lowercase) or character is greater than or equal to 'A' (Uppercase) and less than or equal to 'Z' (Uppercase).

2) Condition to check digits

(ch>='0' && ch<='9')

Character is greater than or equal to '0' and less than or equal to '9'.

Consider the program:

using namespace std;

int main()

{	char ch;

	//input a character
	cout<<"Enter a character: ";

	//condition to validate character is an alphabet
	if( (ch>='a'&& ch<='z') || (ch>='A' && ch<='Z'))
		cout<<"Entered character is an alphabet";
	//condition to validate character is a digit
	else if(ch>='0' && ch<='9')
		cout<<"Entered character is a digit";
	//other characters are not valid character
		cout<<"Enter a valid character";
	return 0;


First run:
Enter a character: W
Entered character is an alphabet

Second run:
Enter a character: i
Entered character is an alphabet

Third run:
Enter a character: 7
Entered character is a digit

Fourth run:
Enter a character: +
Enter a valid character 

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