Sat, 22 Aug, 2020

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Selfcode Contest

This is not only a contest but a series to check your knowledge, as this is the first code which is just a starter pack, we will keep coming with bigger and tougher contests.

What winners will get

- The first 5 winners will get Rank Certificates.
- All participants will get Participation Certificates.

Scoring Rules

- Each challenge has a pre-determined score.
- A participant’s score depends on the number of test cases a participant’s code submission successfully passes.
- If a participant submits more than one solution per challenge, then the participant’s score will reflect the highest score achieved. In a game challenge, the participant's score will reflect the last code submission.
- Participants are ranked by score. If two or more participants achieve the same score, then the tie is broken by the total time taken to submit the last solution resulting in a higher score

Contest Rules

  • No program should be copied from anywhere, we will check for plagiarism.
  • If anyone found cheating in the contest, He/She will not be considered, and no certificates will be provided, and also He/She can not participate in any further tests.
  • You are allowed to take the help of google, Just do not copy codes.
  • Registered geeks need to visit to check for our official websites.

Sample certificate