Why We Should Use C Language

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Why we should use C language

We are gonna see why C language is so popular and why we should use C language, firstly we will discuss features of C language and then we will see benefits of learning C language.

Students point of view

Well we have discussed this with many students from diffrent colleges even IITs, and we hace found a very similar answer is that, C language is easy to learn and we can see everything running live, That just means is "Learning C language helps a student understand how programming actually works. It is also middle level language in which we can easily remember concepts and can apply to higher level languages".

Teachers point of view

Being a middle-level languageC reduces the gap between the low-level and high-level languages. It can be used for writing operating systems as well as doing application level programming. Helps to understand the fundamentals of Computer Theories.

Experts point of view

I would say it is more worthwhile than many languages, but it depends on you more than the language whether it is worth learning.

Are you the type of person who wants/needs to understand everything about your program? If so, then C is one of the best choices as there is, since there is at least a small chance you will be able to learn and understand the basic principles behind the operations of the compiler, linker, loader, and standard libraries for C. There are many fine languages, many of which are better to teach programming in general, but few offer the level of understanding "how it works" that C does.


C v/s C++ or other languages

C is a middle level computer programming language developed at Bell Lab at 1972 by Dennis Ritchie, C is considered as Middle Level Language because of its features. C language contains features of Low Level Language as well as High Level Language.

C++ computer programming language was developed by Bjarne Strostroup in 1980. C++ is the super set of containing features of C programming language and Simula67. C++ introduced the concept of Class and Objects.







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