What Do 'Lvalue' And 'Rvalue' Mean In C/C++?

Prashant | Sun, 14 Jun, 2020 | 155

What do 'lvalue' and 'rvalue' mean in C/C++?

In this tutorial we are gonna learn what is Lvalye and what is Rvalue. And how do we use it in programming ?

Consider the following expression:


An "lvalue" is an expression, variable, constant etc which appears at left-hand side of an assignment operator.

In the expression result =(a+b); - result is an "lvalue".

An "rvalue" is an expression, variable, constant etc which appears at right- hand side of an alignment operator.

In the expression result =(a+b); - (a+b) is an "rvalue";

Consider the following expression, which is also a valid "lvalue" assignment.

|((a+b)? a:b) =10;

In the expression, either a or b will be the result of "lvalue" expression and 10 can be assigned in a or b. so this expression is also a valid expression.








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