How To Master Programming? How To Build Logic Building Abilities?

Fri, 16 Apr, 2021

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How To Master Programming? How To Build Logic Building Abilities?


The first question that should come to our mind why do we need to learn to program and once you
get the answer your half of work is done, with passion and focus, an hour or two a day can
go a long way over the course of several months. Whether it's through programs like our
After-Hours Bootcamp, or utilizing online resources, it's very possible to find a way to
balance coding with your busy schedule.

What is the average salary of Coders?

At the monetary level programming plays a very vital role, Computer programmers get paid
well, with an average salary of $63,903 per year in 2020. Beginner programmers earn about
$50k and experienced coders earn around $85k. Well, this is not so true in India, But they still get paid on an average of 50K INR/Month.

Do you fear to code?

There are many people for whom programming is like a haunted dream. Programming is
nothing but an art of talking with machines and telling them what to do when to do it, and
why to do it. Most of the students hear this word in high school. For many of them,
programming starts with ‘C’ and ends at ‘C’.

There’s no problem in choosing any specific
programming language but getting stuck at some well-known codes or the codes required
only for the exam clarification is futile. The coming era is the age of technology. And here
comes in picture the art called “competitive programming”.

Competitive programming is an
advanced form of programming that deals with real-world problems. Here we see our
code ruling the world. But writing such a code requires dexterity with passion.
We know that a code is basically our logic behind any problem in a high-level language. But
logic alone is not sufficient in writing a perfect code.

It requires a deeper understanding of
technical terms like complexity, syntax, and the art of creating big solutions through
the shortest codes possible.

All this can be achieved only through practice. But if practice fuses
with good guidance, it explodes into a masterpiece.

This goal can be achieved through the following simple steps-


First of all study all the concepts of the programming language deeply. Always use standard
books. Today many online platforms are available where geeks from all around the world
share their knowledge and try to make the concepts easier.

2.Follow the hierarchical approach

Try to start coding using simpler problems. Before directly writing the code, first, make a
flowchart of the logic being used. This will increase the number of correct codes which will
not only sharpen your skills but also boost up your confidence.


Once you get used to the codes and the basic programming try to make codes that solve
your daily life problems. These may include the report cards of any student, ticket reservation
systems, library management systems, etc. They will make you feel like a software developer.


Now start participating in coding competitions. The competitions may be in your school,
online, or at the national level. Here you will find guys like you competing and beating each other.
Here, you have to write the optimal solution and that too within the shortest time possible.