How To Find Genuine Jobs And Get Selected

Fri, 11 Dec, 2020

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How To Find Genuine Jobs And Get Selected

Hi guys, I am a very normal person like you, but I got shortlisted in many companies just by following a few extraordinary and less time-consuming method, Which will definitely work for you.

Where to find suitable jobs for your profile

The very first step, which you need to work on is, finding a suitable job opening according to your skill. As we all are distinguished based on our skills, so to stay out of the crowd, we just have to apply for jobs where we can stand for ourselves.

As sir Albert Einstein said - “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” So, we just have to apply to specific job openings, where we can perform best.

In case you feel like, you are average to many skills and not proficient to anyone, try applying for roles, which are for freshers, In the beginning, do not think about salary and all, your prime goal should be gain enough knowledge to apply in some MNC's.

The best sources for finding jobs are:

  • Career page of companies, where you want to work, But this is a bit tough task, as we need to go to their career page daily and check if there are any job openings.
  • Linkedin: You can find related jobs, but most of them will not suit your profile exactly, so you just need to follow some companies' HR, so if there is an opening, they keep on posting them.
  • Also, you can try some of the third-party websites and some good telegram channels, where they will provide all sort of details needed.

How to get shortlisted?

The best way to get shortlisted is via your attractive resume, So try to improve your skills and mention them in your resume, try doing some real practical work, to showcase your skills, as that will create way from mid of the crowd.

If possible try looking for skills required by the company, and create a separate resume for each company by making and editing a little bit. This way, This will remove almost 50% of your hurdles, as your resume will get selected, and you will be called for further process.

Sharing is Caring

If you find any job, which may or may not be suitable for you, try posting it on social media, like Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram, Or you can also share them with the website owners like us.

Why this is important? : You might be thinking, How this is gonna work for you, posting jobs will be really boring and all. So firstly it helps you connect with some similar kind of optimistic attitude person. Which is increasing your growth, Which you can later use for social or personal benefits. Let's come back to our topic, This method will connect you to several friends like you, who will try providing jobs opening to you. And some good HR may contact you directly. Believe me: this works really well.

Contact and Sell

This approach is used by many big companies, In this method, you just have to contact the right person who can really help you. Just send them a formal message about your qualification and tell them your's extraordinary skills. So one of hundred people will definitely contact you back, and that is what is enough. If you are really fit for their jobs, they will keep you permanently.

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