How To Crack Off-Campus Placements?

Fri, 16 Apr, 2021

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How To Crack Off-Campus Placements?

How to crack off-campus placements

No need to worry, as a fresher no one is going to ask you to develop a big complex Website.
The interviewer will only ask some basics and concepts nothing else. no need to worry. If you
apply to any IT companies the First step is aptitude so prepare well, for that and after that, you
have to prepare the following.

1.Aptitude and logical reasoning:

Aptitude test is one of the first hurdles that you have
to cross to even be considered for the main campus interview. This includes a logical ability
exam, numerical problems, and a basic communication test. For this, taking mock tests
beforehand would help. Generally, speed is the key to cracking these exams, and that would
come only with practice. Preparing for aptitude tests is generally fun, so this really should not
be a problem.

2.One Programming Language:

You have to perfect one programming language
(Either C or java or python or anyone) Chose one programming language and read all the
basics, logic which is used while solving problems, and learn some programs. Good
knowledge of data structure database management and SQL queries.

3.Know your project cover to cover:

Your project is something you are supposed to
have put your best efforts in. The interviewer would expect you to know even the most
elementary concepts about it.

4.Research the company thoroughly:

One advantage of a campus interview is that the
companies introduce themselves before the actual selection process begins. However, there is
no harm in being prepared beforehand right.

5.Be honest:

This may be your first interview, but it won’t be the interviewer’s first time
conducting one. It won’t take much time for a skilled interviewer to find the loopholes/lies in
your CV, and once he does, it is not going to be pleasant. If you are honest about your
limitations, chances are you would be appreciated.

6.Maintain eye contact:

This age-old formula to project confidence still works like a
charm. Good eye contact is an effective way to let the interviewer know that you both are
on the same page. Always go in for an interview with positive energy. Self-confidence is one
trait highly valued by employers.

7.How to answer:

Prepare to answer common questions beforehand: But remember, it should not
sound rehearsed.

8.Do not get personal during an interview:

Don’t whine about your unfair life in an
interview. The interviewer is not your shrink. He is just trying to find someone perfect for the
job. Long story short, just concentrate on your skill-set and how you can add value to the

9.Build your communication Skills:

Last but not the least, you must have strong
communication skills to achieve the target. Simply be confident, talk clearly and give your
100%. Being well versed in your subject would definitely give you an initial edge,
but communication skills are equally important. You know that you are knowledgeable, but the interviewers don’t. They need to be convinced that you are the right person for the job.
Good communication would certainly help you convey this.

10.Read Books:

A couple of things can help you tackle this problem:
Get into the habit of reading books and newspapers.