Benefits Of Learning Data Structure And Algorithm

Fri, 16 Apr, 2021

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Benefits Of Learning Data Structure And Algorithm


A lot of beginners and experienced programmers avoid learning Data
Structures and Algorithms because they think it’s complicated and that there is no use of all
the data structure stuff in real life. Before we discuss the data structure we are going to
throw a simple problem at you and you need to find the solution for that.
If you need to search your roll number in 20000 pages of PDF document (let say roll
numbers are arranged in increasing order) at your hand how would you do that?
The first approach - If you will try to search it randomly or in a sequential manner it will take
too much time. Definitely, You might get frustrated after some time.

The second approach- which is given below...
1.Go to page no. 10000
2.If your roll no. is not there, but all other rolls no on that page are lesser than yours.
3. Then you Go to page no. 15000
4.Still if your roll no. is not there. but this time all other rolls no. is greater than your
5.Go to page no. 12500.

This was just a simple example and you might have understood a little bit that why learning
data structure and algorithm is important in real life. There are plenty of examples you can
find in your daily life.
So if you think that this skill is only important to crack the interviews of product-based
companies then you are totally wrong.

From the above example, we can straight forward give two reasons to Learn Data Structure
and Algorithms-
 If you want to crack the interviews and get into the product based companies
 If you love to solve real-world complex problems.

There are 8 types of data structure that we usually used in our programming these are
Array, Linked List, Stack, Queues, Searching, Sorting, Hash, Tree, Graph.
Data structure and algorithms is a branch of computer science that deals with creating
machine-efficient and optimized computer programs. The term Data Structure refers to the
storage and organization of data, and Algorithm refers to the step-by-step procedure to solve a
The algorithm is a step-wise representation of a solution to a given problem, which makes it easy
to understand. An algorithm uses a definite procedure. It is not dependent on any
programming language, so it is easy to understand for anyone even without programming
Data structures allow information stored on hard disks. provides means for management of
large datasets such as databases or internet indexing services.
These are necessary for the design of efficient algorithms it allows safe storage of information on
a computer and allows the data use and processing on a software system.